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Music colours our lives in so many wonderful ways. As a composer and music teacher I aim to help my students and clients find the right music and sounds to express every of their emotional nuances.

I believe music is a powerful language to express our emotions which sometimes words and visuals may be lacking.  

I am a media composer, arranger and orchestrator based in London where I write and produce music for TV, film and games. You will see some of my past works here on my website. I am happy to speak with you and brainstorm unique sonic ideas to express the story of your film, games and ads so feel free to reach out and let's have a chat!

I also arrange music for orchestras and various ensembles which you can purchase from me. You can find some of my music arrangements here. Should you need a customised arrangement based on your ensemble size and type, I am happy to speak further with you to come out with a tailored arrangement to meet your needs. 

In terms of music teaching, I’m used to teaching different ages and my students range from toddlers to working adults. I am currently a music teacher in a private school in Hounslow where I run the school choir and orchestra.

Additionally, I offer private lessons to interested adults and children in piano, voice, saxophone, and lyre. I hold a Masters degree in Arts Education (Music) from Germany and also certification with Honours in Jazz Saxophone with Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and have a decade’s worth of performance and teaching experience. I have also years of experience working in a music studio recording and producing pop, jazz and classical albums.

In all my teaching sessions, I believe in making the process of learning music imaginative and fun so my students stay engaged. It’s not just playing an instrument but tapping into emotions, understanding notes, and truly experiencing music for better expression. I believe in the therapeutic qualities of music and love watching my students when they ‘get’ a piece. 

I often emphasise to my students that when we "play an instrument", do we actually “play”, experiment, and have fun along the way, or is it purely about reproducing the sounds according to the score? No matter how old or young my students are, I believe in bringing ‘play’ into my lessons, encouraging them to explore and interpret music in their own way while also getting a better grasp of the techniques. To me, what counts is that my students genuinely enjoy their lessons and develop their unique skills by being inspired to practice on their own to move to the next level. Progress is different for everyone and I coax my students to refine their skills by experimenting and eventually composing their own music so it naturally flows out of them instead of being forced. 

I accommodate a range of music interests including genres like classical, jazz, pop, reggae, blues, rock, and ethnic/cultural. Though I’m disciplined, I inject plenty of creativity while making sure that my students are challenged enough to flex their skills and become accomplished players.

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